Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Memories - Mudge #88

photo: Stoner

Whoa! Didn't realize its been so long since the last mixtape... My bad. There are a number of mixes inbetween that I'll need to polish up and will be posting sooner rather than later... I checked the downloads on #83 and was STOKED to see all of the support!!! That feels great to know there are others out their rocking the mix...

I made this mixtape in preparation for my Memorial Day road trip down to Malibu. I can already see this working well for a nice beach day in Malibu with a bunch of friends, cold beers, grillin meats, beach volley ball, body surfing, bikinis, sunsets ... Pretty much channeling our college youth through new mixtapes! Check it out and let me know where you took your Mudgemix over the holiday weekend!

Oh yeah, thanks for all of the support! Please support the featured artists buy buying their songs, checking out their concerts, etc. Keep on coming back...