Monday, November 21, 2011

Miami Horror & Geographer Show 11/28/11

Its been over a year since I posted a short introduction to Miami Horror. By now they shouldn't need any introduction because their music has done most of the talking and they put out some good stuff. I'm throwing this out there for any Sacramento peeps who are looking to join me. Tickets are $15. If I can get 2 people to join me, I'll pay for half of each of their ticket... Hit me up if you're interested? Geographer is opening for them, and although I'm not familiar with their music, I'm checking it out right now and am liking what I'm hearing (IndieAlternativeElectronic Gravy). Check em out if your not familiar below and let me know!

Holidays (Miami Horror and Cassian Remix) - Miami Horror by cassian

Holidays by Miami Horror (Official)

Sometimes by Miami Horror (Official)

Miami Horror by pacificfestival

Animal Shapes by geographermusic

Animal Shapes - Remixes by geographermusic

Innocent Ghosts by geographermusic

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Mudgemix 78 - Indieclectic

Once in a while, I grow tired of the constant drone of electronic music buzzing in my ears... Enter MudgeMix #78 Part I (and II to follow soon) to help give a musical interlude. Not the most current or cutting edge stuff, but definately a great listen. Here's a smattering of what all is included... Enjoy!

Airlines - Burial Grounds
AIRLINES - Burial Grounds by airlines

Lykkie Li - I follow Rivers (Dave Sitek Remix)
I Follow Rivers (Dave Sitek Remix) by LykkeLi

Cults - Go Outside (The 2 Bears Remix)
Cults - Go Outside (The 2 Bears Remix) by The 2 Bears
Mediafire Download Link

Taken By Trees - My Boys (Animal Collective Cover)
My Boys-Taken By Trees by littlegreengem

Geoffrey O'Connor - Whatever Leads Me To You (Lawrence Arabia Remix)
Whatever Leads Me To You (Lawrence Arabia Remix) by Geoffrey O'Connor

Alberta Cross - Wait
Wait by Alberta Cross

Single Twin - My Silken Tooth
My Silken Tooth by singletwin

Mediafire Download Link

Monday, November 14, 2011

Spencer Lokken - Time & Edit Wait for No Man

Spencer Lokken is one half of Lokkenic, the husband and wife dj duo and 2/3rd's of The Orchard Lounge. This guy's got an incredible talent for weaving together beautiful mixes. His wife is incredibly talented to... Here's a new mix offered up that I'm 15minutes into and loving it! Highly recommended grooves.

Orchard Lounge | Spencer Lokken | Time & Edit Wait For No Man by lokkenic

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mudge 72 - Ambient Trips

I'm very excited to share with you this ambient mix with all of you. This is great music to put on in the background and daydream, think, express yourself, drive, hang out, contemplate... you get the idea. Very emotive and ethereal. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it and support the artists... most of them need it!

?POPDRONE - Belong To
belong-to by popdrone
More goodness here: ?POPDRONE'S Soundcloud

Frenic - New World
04 - New World by Frenic
More goodness here: Frenic's Souncloud

Geotic - We've Mended
more goodness here: Geotic's Angelfire account

Sigur Ros - Andvari
Sigur Ros - Andvari by goodtunes
More goodness here: Sigur Ros Soundcloud

Geotic - Isolated Speech
Geotic - Isolated Speech by warszawarecords

Aebeloe - Farver
Aebeloe - Farver by Aebeloe
More goodness here: Aebeloe Soundcloud

Teen Daze - June 2010
Teen Daze - June 2010 by Hypetrak
More goodness here: Teen Daze Soundcloud

Tycho - Adrift (Shigeto's Adrift in a Dream Remix)
Tycho - Adrift (Shigeto's Adrift A Dream Mix) by Tycho
More goodness here: Tycho's Soundcloud Shigeto's Soundcloud

Rumpistol - Don't Go (Link is an album preview)
Talk To You EP - Teaser by Rumpistol
More goodness here: Rumpistol Soundcloud

Dirty Art Club - Astrid's Tune (link is an album preview)
Dirty Art Club - Heavy Starch Preview by madwreck
More goodness here: Dirty Art Club's Bandcamp

Tycho - Hours (Teen Daze Remix)
Hours (Teen Daze Remix) by Tycho
More goodness here: Teen Daze Soundcloud

Radioseven - Steller Cartographer II

More goodness here: Radioseven Soundcloud & Bandcamp here

Jon Brion - Eternal Sunshine Medley (DJ SpeCtre Reflective Mix)
Jon Brion - Eternal Sunshine Medley (DJ SpeCtre Reflective Mix) by spectoral

Big Spider's Back - Turns
Turns by bigspidersback More Goodness here: BSB's website

Radiohead - The Daily Mail (From the Basement Session)
Radiohead - The Daily Mail (Live From The Basement) by wondermilk

2-02 - In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
2-02 In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country by user9593974

Mudgemix 72 - Ambient Trips - MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD