Thursday, September 30, 2010


i promise I'll be back soon... just a little hectic right now...

in the meantime... try to wrap your head around these guys... Salem is creating their own genre of tripped out blair witch project style grime... eerie & mysterious yet intriging.

Monday, September 20, 2010

nite cap - le loup

so i'm making a little road tripping music to drive to Napa with my folks... and came across this beauty. It takes a while to build and grow, but be patient and let the harmonies build around 1min and the subtle piano notes layer, and vocals come about 1:45 and you should be won over... and before you know it, its vanished and you'll have to push replay.

Le Loup - Planes Like Vultures

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and to balance that one out with something that will make your bottom boogie a little - you will find this one addicting

Touch Sensitive - Body Stop

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cee Lo Green - DJ Madness Mixtape

Cee Lo G's been making some waves as of late... not that he doesn't deserve all of it... I featured his insanely catchy "F**k You" a little while ago, which has since been ingeniously re-tooled for the radio into "Forget You"... Well, I had this mixtape that DJ Madness compiled a couple months ago and I sat on it...

Now that I've given it a couple of listens, I can't help but share... This mix is SICCCK! Goodie Mob, Outkast, Gnarls Barkley and Cee Lo G all mixed up through 44 tracks for 80 minutes of glory. I suggest downloading the track separated zip file, but it will require a little more work (ie downloading, adding to itunes, creating a playlist and organizing)

DJ Madness Post

track separated zip file:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back from Houseboating - Mega Post!

Had a little extra time on my hands and thought I would post a couple of the weekends musical highlights...

Start it off with some Graffiti6 and their impossibly catchy summer tune
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Meader into a dubby reggae infused Rusko track that even your mother could enjoy...

Whoa! Rusko's taking over my post right now. This guy is seriously addicting... although this time he's getting a particulary nasty remix by SubFocus. let is sink in and it will get you to the core...

the funky drop at 1:06 gets me every time... reminiscent of the ever-memorable rabid warthog break-down in Joakim's remix of SMD's "Hustler" a while back?...
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (Joakim Remix)
this song might completely give you the wierded out chillys... but the original is pure style and this remix is timeless!!!

last song before we go off on some beat making craziness... Dada Life - two swedes creating some Maximal goodness and breathing new life into a relatively unknown Austrailian act.

Lastly, BoomBaptist creates the equivalent of crack cocaine for beats... and has a cool pay what you want for his goods approach...

<a href="">BoomBaptism Beat Tape (2010, Archivist Records) by BoomBaptist</a>

And if your feeling really adventurous... Caveat audiens...
<a href="">Simon Says Instrumental (BoomBaptist Remix) by BoomBaptist</a>

Monday, September 13, 2010

Care for a Danish?

I'm not sure how I managed to encounter this electronic/pop jam infused with classical elements, but I'm glad I did and I hope you do too. Not a raving firestarter or something overly catchy... but if you give it a chance and let it ebb and flow, it will win you over... Around minute four I started the song over because the catchiness sneaks up on you

Unfortunately my blog won't support the Danish player provided on the website, however clicking on the link will direct you to and will cue the song in the player, which you will then be able to download if you like!

From what I was able to gather, Bjarke Niemann is an artist who usually plays as part of Spleen United, although it this case, he was commissioned by some alchemistic Danish website that offers a classical song on a monthly basis to an artist community with the intents of mixing that shiz together and creating something beautiful.

I'm really pleased with the outcome and over the period of this write up, have fortunately found a couple more that are worth a listen.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pre-Weekend Grab Bag

Gotta keep this post short and to the point... new music to try out over the weekend. I thought it would be fun to sprinkle a couple completely different songs that I have enjoyed throughout the week.

Ray LaMontange - picture perfect... I love RL... - link removed until further notice...

Zero 7 - super good, and I can always enjoy Sia's vocals and Z7's magic... - link removed until further notice...

Health (remixed by LittleLoud) - - link removed until further notice...

SomethingALaMode - the most poppy of the group. very fun song... - link removed until further notice...

Mr.Hudson(Rusko Remix) - voted weirdest of the post, but give it a couple listens and it'll grow on you major - link removed until further notice...

Bonus Nugget: Jamiroquai!? - link removed until further notice...
- Reminiscent of Chromeo... but came before them... interesting

Sunday, September 5, 2010

This OG Kid is Keeping it REAL!

The message: Be You...

Warning... this song is somewhat of a guilty pleasure and I never thought i would put it up on the blog... but it follows up the video nicely. Enjoy!

B.o.B - Haterz Everywhere (Subvader Remix) by Subvader

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Evenings - Free EP

Sitting at the airport and people watching to the perfect soundtrack... Evenings fresh EP. I featured the stand out track Babe a week or two ago but the rest is definately worth the $Free.99 and more importantly, your time.

<a href="">Still Young by Evenings</a>

World Music Warm Up

here are a couple to get your body moving early!

Fela Kuti - the pioneer of afrobeat. We all owe this man ...

Cottam - This guy creats afro/house/lounge tracks that are unbelievable...
Cottam2-Side B by Cottam

Download Link

Bonus: lounge mix by Cottam compliments of WarmHQ

Cottam - Causes of Colour Mix by warmhq

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Party in the Making

Right around now... maybe a little earlier, I'm starting to think about the perfect weekend mix... The recipe will depend on the forseen events. Without knowing what my weekend has in store, these three will definately be included. I am tickled to present a new Bag Raiders track! You might recall the most epic party jam of 2009, "Shooting Star"? maybe? If not, I added it below for those a little behind the curve...
Bag Raiders / Way Back Home by reesindiemusic

Download Link

B.R. set the bar unreachably high with Shooting Star... Instead of trying to top it, it appears they reinvented themselves into what I thought would be Cut Copy's follow up album... Their timing has been perfect because Cut Copy appears to be reinventing themselves as some sort of electronically infused Beatles... It all gets a little confusing, but the moral of the story is that the Austrailian Electronic scene is a complete orgy of creativity... and is full-tilt radical right now. I couldn't resist to put this song on the blog... because it has inspired countless dance parties with just me and Savannah and deserves to be spread to the four corners...
Bag Raiders / Shooting Stars by reesindiemusic

Download link

I've been marinating a number of Fenech-Soler tracks as of late and really enjoying their music... then I crossed paths with MudgeMix Favorite Alex Metric's remix of an Fenech-Soler track and it left me speechless... Seriously got sweaty by listening to it!!!! Patience is a virtue and its fruits will be reaped approx 2 minutes into this Beast of a song... After an intense build up, this track UNLEASHES in true Metric style with pianos, the echoed vocals, the computer bleeps... Without further ado... enjoy!

Fenech Soler - Lies (Alex Metric Remix) by TheSaharaTent
Download Link

sweaty huh?