Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aeroplane - October Mix

Everything about this October Mix by Aeroplane is incredible. Too good not to share kind of stuff. I included the single tracks of the songs I liked the most, but woven together takes it to a whole nother level... enjoy!

"This mix contains the first release of my soon to be launched label, Aeropop.
It's called " In Her Eyes " and it features Jamie Principle on the vocals. Here's you can find the incredible Tiger & Woods remix. The EP will be released digitally on the 5th of November.

Manik Feat Jeremy Glenn

Monitor 66 - Triscuts

Lloydski - Go To Sleep (La Royale's Do Not Sleep Version)

Andre VII - Discoteca Clandestina (Bufi Remix)

Michoacan - Disco Sucks So Good

If you want more information go to www.aeropop.be where you can check out
a video of a different mix and the artwork by the magnificent Andrew Woodhead.


1. Mayer Hawthorne - No Strings ( RAC Remix )
2. Mock & Toof - My Head
3. Monitor 66 - Triscuits
4. Lloydski - Go To Sleep ( La Royale's Do Not Sleep Version )
5. Electic Sound - Pareos ( Future Feelings Remix )
6. Dan Croll - From Nowhere ( Ben Gomori's "Staring You In The Eye " Remix )
7. Aeroplane feat. Jamie Principle - In Her Eyes ( Tiger & Woods Remix )
8. Ultracity - Delta
9. MANIK & Jeremy Glenn - Parasol
10. Andre VII - Discoteca Clandestina ( Bufi Remix )
11. Alterworks - You Are Given
12. Michoacan - Disco Sucks So Good ( Dubka Remix )
13. Infinity Ink - Infinity ( Claude Vonstroke Remix )
14. Bat For Lashes - All Your Gold ( Hercules & Love Affair Remix )

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yacht - Shangri LA

I've been familiar with some of Yacht's music and have really enjoyed what I've heard in the past, but I only started digging into their treasure trove and its really good... Just enough weird, just enough funky, just enough groove, just enough indie... It has all of the feel good spontaneous dance party with friends kind of quality that you look for but can't force... So, to all of my dance party kindred spirits, this one is for you...

A couple free sprinkles for your cuppy cakes...

I walked alone

Le Gourdon (Yacht Edit)

I walk Alone - Weezer vocals meets LCD Soundsystem percussion...

Dystopia (Emperor Machines Extended Funky Re-work) --- a beautiful blend of Indie & Dance party...

Paradise Engineering (No Embed Code)

Psychic City (Classixx Remix)

Or listen to their whole album here:

Friday, October 26, 2012

Ratatat - Cherry (Broke For Free Remix)

Although the remix is new(er), its hard not to get all nostalgic listening to this Ratatat song... Daunting task, but BFF steps it up on this beautiful remix...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012


It's Friday and we're running out of time till everyone can loosen their collar, roll up their sleeves or let down their hair... so let's cut to the chase with this incredibly funky remix by Nightbox. The song starts off pretty timid so the trick is to use the first minute to warm up all of your dance muscles...because before you know it, you'll be riding on the back of this musical beast into Tropical Funky town.

And if your not feeling quite as musically adventurous, try this remix by Foxkit on for size. Savannah loves this remix

Still a little too much for your tepid musical palate?! Try out this lush and melodic 5 Song EP... a beautiful mix of New Wave, Indie, Alternative, Tribal Pop... Check em out!

Night Cap: This tragically short cover will leave you wanting more... or maybe going back to the top to enjoy all of the songs again!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dan Croll - From Nowhere

super good stuff right here... The perfect blend of Alternative, Indie & Electronic music. Think Local Natives x Foster

Monday, September 24, 2012

Astronauts, etc

Astronauts, etc serves up cerebral melodic dream pop cuts perfect for space travel and getting lost in new galaxies... enjoy!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Alt-J is a quirky Alternative Indie Pop that will grow on you. A unique combination of Local Natives, Brett Dennen & Primus?... Melodic, Cerebral, Pop, Folksy, Intelligent. Check em out!

Immediate favorites are Intro, Tessallate, Breezeblocks, Something Good, Guitar, Ms

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Swiss Lips - U GOT THE POWER

Time for some sugary sweet electronic pop by the Swiss Lips. Catchy as hell and along the same vein as Foster The People... Almost gimmicky at first, but just give it a little time... you'll be singing the hook, fall for the infectious guitar riff and then belt your heart out towards the end...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Arsenal - Melvin (Compuphonic Remix)

Been listening to songs all day long... and this one takes the cake. Warm rhythmic grooving smooth electronic R&B pop

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Time to get a little crazy...

Bird Peterson's - Dem Boyz Don Ron

This will be included in a new mix i'm compiling... M#95 - Tookies Sweaty House Party -Hopefully will be coming online in the near future.

The Presets - Ghosts & Hermitude Remix

new stuff from The Presets... not immediately catchy as I listened to this song for the first time a week or two ago and forgot about it until I heard a remix for it today and I haven't been able to get it out of my head. Give it a little time to marinate and you'll come around!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mudgemix - #Drive

This is a mix that I made for my wife and I in anticipation of our drive to the hospital to welcome our little girl into the world. I knew that Savannah would do great (and she did) but I wanted to make a mix that would be able to be a combination of comforting, nostalgic, beautiful and loving on our drive to the hospital... We listened to this mix on our 30 minute drive at 1:30AM on July 17th 2012...

You'll find some melodic ambient, mellow indie alternative, songs about love and life... This is a really cool mix to listen back on and very special to us... I hope you can enjoy as much as we have and incorporate it into your own celebration of life and love!

Download entire mix HERE

Sunday, September 2, 2012


A lot has gone down since my last post. My wife and I brought a baby into this world and the adjustment hasn't allowed for a ton of music blogging... And then came this Isley Brothers remix by Nadus, which pretty much brought me back into the game. Anything Isley Brothers is going to get me in the mood... so if I go dark on this blog again, its probably because this song got my Bu preggs...

I didn't think I was much of a fan of juke... Usually I find the genre and style overwhelming and frenetic, but Nadus takes the genre in a much more enjoyable direction with warm synths and sensual rhythms...

This remix/cover of The Weekend's "The Party & The After Party" is rad...

Hip hop juke with warm synths and nice trap drums

MoombaSoulJuke with hazy synths

Friday, June 29, 2012


I've been meaning to get another Mudgemix up on the blog for a while now, but its hard to compile a new mix when I keep listening to all of these incredible mixes by Goldroom. It started with the Verano mix, which is perfect for the season... After I heard that, I was hooked. All of these mixes are incredible and definately worth a few listens.

Born out of Los Angeles synthpop trio NightWaves, Goldroom is Josh Legg’s solo effort and production alias. An amalgamation of dreamy synths, emotive vocals, and tropical disco grooves, Goldroom paints the soundscape of summertime in Los Angeles.

Also noteworthy are his originals

and his remixes


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mudge #86 - Boogies

Hope you guys don't mind hopscotching with me... back to #86, a light hearted romp through dream house, disco house, french electro house, daft punk funk, tropical disco, electro pop... Buckle up little music lovving boogies... its time to boogie.


If your scoopin what I'm poopin, please by all means incorporate this boogie into your emails, cocktails, parties, social scenes, magazines, friends, twitter, facebooks, blogs... And always, support the artists in whatever ways you can.

Aeroplane - Save Me Now

PNAU - With You Forever(FM Attack Remix)

Niki & The Dove - Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix)

Irrelevant Celebrities

Punches - Feeling Right (Justin Faust Remix)

Chilly Gonzales - You Can Dance (Robotaki Remix)

Grouplove - Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)

Munk - Rue de Rome (Cecile Remix)

Sneaky Sound System - Big (Oliver Remix)

Voltaire Twins - Romulus (Moullinex Remix)

Housse de Racket - Aquarium (Bufi Remix)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Memories - Mudge #88

photo: Stoner

Whoa! Didn't realize its been so long since the last mixtape... My bad. There are a number of mixes inbetween that I'll need to polish up and will be posting sooner rather than later... I checked the downloads on #83 and was STOKED to see all of the support!!! That feels great to know there are others out their rocking the mix...

I made this mixtape in preparation for my Memorial Day road trip down to Malibu. I can already see this working well for a nice beach day in Malibu with a bunch of friends, cold beers, grillin meats, beach volley ball, body surfing, bikinis, sunsets ... Pretty much channeling our college youth through new mixtapes! Check it out and let me know where you took your Mudgemix over the holiday weekend!

Oh yeah, thanks for all of the support! Please support the featured artists buy buying their songs, checking out their concerts, etc. Keep on coming back...


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blithe Field

Listen to the yet to be released CD from Blithe Field and enjoy...

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/1840904" params="auto_play=false&show_artwork=true&color=0c3174" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mudgemix #83

If you missed the opportunity to party hard in the eighties, this mix is for you. Casual Warm Synths, Weird Vocals and danceable percussions wrapped in ambient neon light... pop this cassett tape into your delorean as you make your way down PCH late night to some sweaty 80's club. let the first couple tracks build some energy, create some tension and get you into the groove... After that, just give into the the mix, dance through the hairier electro parts and enjoy yourself...

Track List
1.GOLD - Cavaliers of Fun
2.Nothing Happens at Night (Joey Hansom) - Ssion
3.I Am The Lion King (St. Lucia Remix) - PAPA
4.Stay the Same (Sirisimo & Jan Driver Remix) - The Shoes
5.Pharaohs - SBTRKT
6.We Got It Wrong (Starsmith Remix) - St. Lucia
7.Record Collection - Mark Ronson & the Business International
8.Too Younh - Ghost Beach
9.Freak (Oliver Nelson Remix) - Urban Cone
10.Now Now Now (The Penelopes Remix) - The Penelopes
11.Clarissa - Volta Cab
12.Yes. Pop - M+A
13.Lovers - Brothertiger
14.Probs 2002 - Morgan Geist
15.Lullaby for Robert (Joe Zee Re-Edit) - Al Usher

Download Link
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Friday, January 20, 2012

January Chart Mix by TheC90s Incredible mix by The C90's Tracklist: Todd Terje - Inspector Norse Rodion - Discoteca Romana (The C90s Remix) Friendly Fires - Hurting (Tensnake Remix) OTP Party Breaks #6 - Machines (Jacques Renault Edit) The Swiss - Double Or Nothing Punks Jump Up - Get Down (Zero Cash Remix) Oliver - Dirty Talk (Punks Jump Up Remix) Parallel Dance Ensemble - Shopping Cart (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix) Tornado Wallace - Insect Overlords Klic - Disco Music MAM - Modern Heat Telephones - The Ocean, The Sand, The Lorenzo Stars on 33 - LUV Pete Herbert & Golden Fleece - The Bells of Hackney Psychemagik - Boogie Drome Phenomenal Handclap Band - Give