Friday, March 23, 2012

Mudgemix #83

If you missed the opportunity to party hard in the eighties, this mix is for you. Casual Warm Synths, Weird Vocals and danceable percussions wrapped in ambient neon light... pop this cassett tape into your delorean as you make your way down PCH late night to some sweaty 80's club. let the first couple tracks build some energy, create some tension and get you into the groove... After that, just give into the the mix, dance through the hairier electro parts and enjoy yourself...

Track List
1.GOLD - Cavaliers of Fun
2.Nothing Happens at Night (Joey Hansom) - Ssion
3.I Am The Lion King (St. Lucia Remix) - PAPA
4.Stay the Same (Sirisimo & Jan Driver Remix) - The Shoes
5.Pharaohs - SBTRKT
6.We Got It Wrong (Starsmith Remix) - St. Lucia
7.Record Collection - Mark Ronson & the Business International
8.Too Younh - Ghost Beach
9.Freak (Oliver Nelson Remix) - Urban Cone
10.Now Now Now (The Penelopes Remix) - The Penelopes
11.Clarissa - Volta Cab
12.Yes. Pop - M+A
13.Lovers - Brothertiger
14.Probs 2002 - Morgan Geist
15.Lullaby for Robert (Joe Zee Re-Edit) - Al Usher

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