Monday, March 21, 2011

new post!

first up is a squelchy club monster... you'll need a little bit of patience as the first two minutes build, but the rest is a pseudo Chromeo meets jackhouse meets RaRaRiot treat.... guaranteed to get the booty poppin
Ra Ra Riot - Can You Tell (The Kids Are Radioactive Remix) by The Kids Are Radioactive

the next one feels like a sort of futuristic rebirth... like I envision myself walking through the gates of heaven and looking around and taking in all of the amazingness while listening to this song... not sure how or why... Is that weird?

rarariot bonus:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

David's Lyre - Pearson Sound Remix

This first track is what caught my ear... building into a tamborine laden deep bass groove that is incredibly infectious, and prompted an immediate binge of both David's Lyre and Pearson Sound (aka Ramadanman aka David Kennedy - see his remix of Jamie Woon's Night Air here)... this one won't leave you thirsty...

After that trip, I had to get more info on David's Lyre, who I have found out shys away from house and deep groove tracks and is more based in folktronica, which I can also dig...

you can dload an EP of nice remixes for free at his bandcamp here

And/Or show him some love here:
David's Lyre Soundcloud
David's Lyre Website

Bonus RCRDLBL remix:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Classixx - Pt II

This thing is hot off the press... just got the newsletter in the email. Classixx is incredible and I trust that this one will be good.

Bonus Nug:
The Cool Kids - Bundle Up

a couple of lush arrangments...

Happy hump day everyone. time for a couple nice relaxing mellowed out tracks to help you coast through the rest of the week...

NumberNin6 - Sarangi
NumberNin6 - Sarangi by NumberNin6

Uyama Hiroto - 81 Summer
01 81summer by TERR1E

Christina Vantzou - 11 Generations Of My Fathers
Christina Vantzou - 11 Generations Of My Fathers by ghostly