Sunday, March 6, 2011

David's Lyre - Pearson Sound Remix

This first track is what caught my ear... building into a tamborine laden deep bass groove that is incredibly infectious, and prompted an immediate binge of both David's Lyre and Pearson Sound (aka Ramadanman aka David Kennedy - see his remix of Jamie Woon's Night Air here)... this one won't leave you thirsty...

After that trip, I had to get more info on David's Lyre, who I have found out shys away from house and deep groove tracks and is more based in folktronica, which I can also dig...

you can dload an EP of nice remixes for free at his bandcamp here

And/Or show him some love here:
David's Lyre Soundcloud
David's Lyre Website

Bonus RCRDLBL remix:

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