Monday, September 13, 2010

Care for a Danish?

I'm not sure how I managed to encounter this electronic/pop jam infused with classical elements, but I'm glad I did and I hope you do too. Not a raving firestarter or something overly catchy... but if you give it a chance and let it ebb and flow, it will win you over... Around minute four I started the song over because the catchiness sneaks up on you

Unfortunately my blog won't support the Danish player provided on the website, however clicking on the link will direct you to and will cue the song in the player, which you will then be able to download if you like!

From what I was able to gather, Bjarke Niemann is an artist who usually plays as part of Spleen United, although it this case, he was commissioned by some alchemistic Danish website that offers a classical song on a monthly basis to an artist community with the intents of mixing that shiz together and creating something beautiful.

I'm really pleased with the outcome and over the period of this write up, have fortunately found a couple more that are worth a listen.


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