Friday, September 3, 2010

A Party in the Making

Right around now... maybe a little earlier, I'm starting to think about the perfect weekend mix... The recipe will depend on the forseen events. Without knowing what my weekend has in store, these three will definately be included. I am tickled to present a new Bag Raiders track! You might recall the most epic party jam of 2009, "Shooting Star"? maybe? If not, I added it below for those a little behind the curve...
Bag Raiders / Way Back Home by reesindiemusic

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B.R. set the bar unreachably high with Shooting Star... Instead of trying to top it, it appears they reinvented themselves into what I thought would be Cut Copy's follow up album... Their timing has been perfect because Cut Copy appears to be reinventing themselves as some sort of electronically infused Beatles... It all gets a little confusing, but the moral of the story is that the Austrailian Electronic scene is a complete orgy of creativity... and is full-tilt radical right now. I couldn't resist to put this song on the blog... because it has inspired countless dance parties with just me and Savannah and deserves to be spread to the four corners...
Bag Raiders / Shooting Stars by reesindiemusic

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I've been marinating a number of Fenech-Soler tracks as of late and really enjoying their music... then I crossed paths with MudgeMix Favorite Alex Metric's remix of an Fenech-Soler track and it left me speechless... Seriously got sweaty by listening to it!!!! Patience is a virtue and its fruits will be reaped approx 2 minutes into this Beast of a song... After an intense build up, this track UNLEASHES in true Metric style with pianos, the echoed vocals, the computer bleeps... Without further ado... enjoy!

Fenech Soler - Lies (Alex Metric Remix) by TheSaharaTent
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sweaty huh?

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