Monday, November 21, 2011

Miami Horror & Geographer Show 11/28/11

Its been over a year since I posted a short introduction to Miami Horror. By now they shouldn't need any introduction because their music has done most of the talking and they put out some good stuff. I'm throwing this out there for any Sacramento peeps who are looking to join me. Tickets are $15. If I can get 2 people to join me, I'll pay for half of each of their ticket... Hit me up if you're interested? Geographer is opening for them, and although I'm not familiar with their music, I'm checking it out right now and am liking what I'm hearing (IndieAlternativeElectronic Gravy). Check em out if your not familiar below and let me know!

Holidays (Miami Horror and Cassian Remix) - Miami Horror by cassian

Holidays by Miami Horror (Official)

Sometimes by Miami Horror (Official)

Miami Horror by pacificfestival

Animal Shapes by geographermusic

Animal Shapes - Remixes by geographermusic

Innocent Ghosts by geographermusic

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