Saturday, July 31, 2010

Let Me Be Me

... I'll get around to writing some intro to this music blog some time later. I was perusing my recent downloads in the last couple months and discovering the gems that slipped under the radar. This one brought a smile to my face... Kendrick Lamar's Let Me Be Me ... By no means the norm for the music that I'll be including in this blog but the kind of song that makes me want to create a new Mudgemix so that it can be an intro song. Love the mellow intro and pseudo spoken word pared with a nice message, a pinch of cinicysm and sarcam...

Kendrick Lamar - Let Me Be Me by Mudge!!!

don't know much about Kendrick Lamar but this track really resonated...

The link below takes you to the place to download the subject track and the link below that leads to his full album that you can download for free... check him out and show him some love!

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