Saturday, November 13, 2010

RCRDLBL Pilfering #2 - Huge List

Gonna try something a little different this time. I'm going to put some of the more indie alternative tracks in the front, hoping that ppl won't immediately get turned off by my weirder tastes...

Cold War Kids - Louder than ever

Voxhaul Broadcast - Leaving on the 5th (Jump Clubb remix) --- reminiscent of a Miike Snow production. Totally enjoyable

Has some sort of distorted gospel soul BRMC meets Black Keys... grimy funky pop music featuring Wale as well as hand claps and infectious breaks. Never thought I would be saying this, but good work Samantha Ronson...?!!?

White Buffalo - Oh Darlin, What have I done - Wiskey tavern folk/rock for those who aren't familiarThis brings me back to the TLand days...

Tame Impala (Pilooki Remix)

sounds a little Feisty... like it might end up on an ipod commercial - remixed by RAC(remix artist collective) who often times add interesting elements to songs without completely destroying the original integrity - good work guys...

Sunday Girl vs Rusko - Hey Stop - posted for Nick

Claire Maguire - Aint Nobody (Coyote Remix) - Whoa... I feel like I'm getting transported back to a Fleetwood Mac concert

Dels - Trumpalump (Joe Goddard Remix) - JG is the frontman for Hot Chip... so you know its gonna be good.

Das Racist - I'm Up on That --- These guys are awesome... clever, funny, witty and fresh. Atmosphere raps meets Beck inspired spoken word by Middle Eastern dudes

MJ? JT? nope... Penguin Prison with a nice poppy gem. His sound should eventually get some radio play...

How many artists can you squeeze into one track? I'm not a fan of spankrock or amanda blank... but fortunately Shazam rescues this one with some grooved out retro piano synths and overall laid back interpretation.

again.. not that stoked on spankrock... but when he's getting remixed by Todd Edwards, who chops, twists and distorts everything... I love it.

Annorak - Try Me (Jupiter Remix) - this can transform your bedroom into the island beach bar or at least add a little bit pep to your lovelorn step.

Chemical Brothers - Dissolve (the Bloody Beetroots remix) - These guys absolutely destroy shiz... and they don't hold back on this one.

UK Grime Meets UK MC meets UK Dubstep... heavy... sounds like a Dizzy wannabe behind the mic. whatevs... I like it

Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal (ft Anthony Hegarty)(Blixaboy Futurna Freemix) --- ambient atmospheric reminiscent of a radiohead track

Blixaboy - New Age Steppa --- ambient haunting gorillaz styled dub - really good and weird!

interesting... not for the faint of heart

pure techno weirdbeardness with the electronic music Godfathers, Simian Mobile Disco... seriously, go buy their Attack Destroy Sustain Release and you will not regret (don't listing to this song as a point of reference) - Strap into your electric chair and let this one fry your brain (jay raymond, i think you'll like this one...)

irresistable 80's style groove...

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