Thursday, December 16, 2010

Alec Troniq - Windspiel Sampler

This one takes some time... give it a little room and let this one build. Has some nice piano interludes, some spacey vocals reminiscent of AIR, maybe a few scitars... its builds and stalls and builds and stalls until around minute for and you can't contain it any more...

Alec Troniq - Farou
Farou by alec troniq

Here are two more that are not quite as accessible but nice background work music.

Alec Troniq - Doldrums
Doldrums by alec troniq

Alec Troniq - Williwaw
Williwaw (feat. Miss Confused) by alec troniq

The entire eight song cd is available for free download at Alec Troniq's label's website

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