Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mexicans With Guns

Its hard to explain my fondness for Mexican's With Guns without being at a loss of words. He expertly blends latin rythms with some sort of interpretation of a cholo infused dubstep including 3ball, cumbia and something inexplicable yet intoxicating... all I know is that his beats hit HARD and I love every new discovery...

Faunts - Feel.Love.Thinking Of (Mexicans with Guns Remix)
The Faunts - Feel. Love. Thinking. Of. (Mexicans with Guns remix) by Brasky

Sums it up pretty nicely on his webiste: Imagine listening to a dubstep remix of an NWA track while doing a drive by if you just drank a bunch of lean while visiting the dirty south. Ahh good times.

Rio Mescalito (Mexicans with Guns Remix)
Rio Mescalito (Mexicans with Guns Remix) by mexicanswithguns

What’s next for Mexicans with Guns? Avoid la migra (immigration), fight for the cause ( still currently looking for one), and make mas beats that go hard.

Paraiso (Mexicans with Guns Remix)
Paraiso (Mexicans with Guns Remix) by mexicanswithguns

Ernest Gonzales - Youre Here I'm There (Mexicans with Guns Remix)

Me Gusto - Mexicans with Guns ft. Chico Mann
Me Gusto by mexicanswithguns

Bonus Song... always a treat to get weird.
Oy - Snake(Mexicans with Guns Remix)
OY - Snake (Mexicans with Guns remix) by Bloggertronix

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