Thursday, January 27, 2011

i'm on a come back

Hey everyone... almost forgot about this little project. Lot of stuff going on most of which I have no complaints and am very thankful. Doing a little work and this song came on and I fell in love again... This is a track featured on Leighton's mixtape I featured on a here a little while back. incredible example of spacey laid back house completely soaked in an ambient groove...

Little Fluffy Clouds (Cumulonimbus Mix).mp3 by Alberto P. Noya

next up from the same Leighton mixtape is a version of Drake's fireworks chopped, screwed and dipped in molasses by Deadboy... kudos!

Drake - Fireworks (Deadboy Slo-Mo House Edit) by themightyhealthy

39 Numbers Jamie Woon Deadboy Remix by Freedom Or Death


  1. I cannot stop listening to this bonus track! Such a luscious Night Air remix. Much better than the Normski one.

  2. glad to hear! the normki remix was weak, I agree... but Deadboy's stuff is insanely good huh!?