Saturday, September 14, 2013


Gearing up for a Classixx concert today in Midtown Sacramento and going through too many incredible tracks... Thought that it might we worth compiling some of the favorites and paying it forward.

Let's start off with a new track that I've never heard until today... love it though!

How about an oldy but friggin goody?!
Classixx: "Do you like base?"
Me: Hell yeah I do!

Another oldy but incredibley good... Listening to in again right now transports me back to bougie living in Santa Monica...Sunshine, Beach Parties, Waves and Babes...

and this one too

A more recent remix that is straight sunshine...

So many good ones...

Now that I'm looking at my post... it's like I just reposted all of their content from Soundcloud. They are that good... every single one of their songs are incredible!

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