Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spaced Out Music - Might be a little overwhelming for some...

I love spaced out music but often have a hard time finding the right spot for them in a playlist or mixtape... They usually surface all of the sudden and totally kills my buzz... whats that you say? you know the feeling?!!?

That's why i created a little playlist specifically for these awesome (seriously... they're awesome) tracks. Perfect for long drives, contemplation, day dreams, naps, journaling, reading?, studying, sophisticated parties...

suggested consumption: download all of them, put them on a cd, listen to ever track fully at least 3 times (don't skip) to allow full immersion. Then listen one more time, write me a love letter on facebook or below, and then support the artists.

Houses - Endless Spring from Houses on Vimeo.

Houses - Endless Spring

Houses & Teen Daze: Bikes by La 3e heure!
Houses & Teen Daze - Bikes

Gui Boratto - Azzurra by gogsadze
Gui Boratto - Azzura

Andreya Triana - 'A Town Called Obsolete' (Mount Kimbie Remix Preview Edit) by Ninja Tune & Big Dada
Adreya Triana - A town called obsolete (Mount Kimbie Remix)

Edgar by Modeselektor
Modselektor - Edgar

Delorean-Real Love (LightsoverLA remix) by lightsoverla
Delorean - Real Love (LightsoverLA remix)

Au Revoir Simone - Take Me As I Am - Max Cooper Remix by Max Cooper Au Revoire Simone - Take me as I am (Max Cooper remix)

Korallreven - The Truest Faith (CFCF Remix) by Mudge!!!

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