Tuesday, August 17, 2010

poison - martina topley bird

so I've come to terms with my obsession for weird music. A year or two ago that was techno, then electro bangers, then indie remixes, and so on... Always too imersed in my old preferences to really dicern the extent of the weirdness/brilliance. Savannah used to be able to offer some grounded perspective, although I think her well has been tainted... so with out further ado, check out this tasty little morsel and let me know what you think!

06-Poison by Mudge!!!

Martina Topley Bird created a stir in British downtempo and triphop in the early nineties and has collaborated with the best, including Tricky, Danger Mouse and Massive Attack.

In a time where electronic music keeps piling layers apon layers, this track offers a sparse but uniquely rich morsel. Bird's vocals, the percussion and jungle/tropical beat make this a mudgemix gem...

check her and and support at http://www.martinatopleybird.com/

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