Monday, August 23, 2010

weekend's over...

So the weekend is over, but we can still start making plans for the next one right?

I got a couple ACE's up the sleeve... two excellent weekend party jams that are both weird enough to make you tingle and good enough to get you through the next couple days till FRIDAY!

First up, a duo from the UK by the name of Ocelot, getting the remix treatment by Louis La Roche... this track is reminiscent of a J.T. song, which should get the ladies moving... but obviously gonna be wAyyy better because its not played out by every radio station nonstop ever single day...

Ocelot - Beating Hearts (Louis La Roche remix) by Mudge!!!

Next up a group from the UK by the moniker... Fenech-Soler... maybe their french, or maybe its that anything French is usually BADICAL! (Bad as in Bad-ass and RADICAL)... Let me preface this track: you might take a while to warm up to the squirrel girl's breathy pseudo yelps... but when you do, the song really blossums, like a beautifly rose destined for the dance floor

Fenech-Soler - The Cult of Romance (Combo Remix) by Mudge!!!

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