Monday, August 2, 2010

These two are soooo good. Not the typical epic party jam that I have an affinity for... Simon Hinter puts together a cereabral dreamscape that allows you to get lost. Perfect road trip or journaling music... Highly encouraged listening whenever you're doing something where your focus is more on the the activity at hand and not the music itself... until you realize that the music itself is sooo friggen good.
Another beautiful track suggested by Keytars and Violins...

Simon hinter-take care (aki latvamaki remix) by Mudge!!!

another track along the same vein... Scott Hardkiss remixed by Morgan Geist. Don't know much about Scott Hardkiss but was able to find this about him from RCRDLBL, the generous sponser of the track. "He was one of the first US DJ exports, traveling the globe spreading an eclectic mix of funky, psychedelic breaks and beats produced through his seminal Hardkiss Music. His recent relocation to the east coast and establishment of his Brooklyn-based God Within label continues his evolution with a series of visionary digital EPs remixed by renowned DJs such as Joe Claussell, Kris Menace, Robbie Rivera, Morgan Geist, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Dean & Britta, Telepathe and Scott Hardkiss himself to worldwide buzz and radio play." Morgan Geist is incredible... worthy of a full post and more. I'll have to elaborate another time.

Scott Hardkiss - Come On, Come On (Morgan Geist Remix) by Mudge!!!

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